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  • Bread is so elemental! Issues about gluten aside, bread has long been regarded as the staff of life. Loaves of bread appear frequently in the Bible, from Jesus’ first temptation to his last supper. One of the best known of Jesus’ miracles is that he fed hungry crowds — 5,000 people or more — by… [Continue Reading]

    Quotations about Bread — fodder for sermons on John 6:1-21
  • Here’s how my review of “Christ and the Multiverse” by David Williams begins . . . . Can you recall the moment in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” when Lucy enters the wardrobe? She expects to touch the back wall so she goes “further in” and finds herself in a world called Narnia,… [Continue Reading]

    My Review of “Christ and the Multiverse” by David Williams
  • The #MeToo Workshop is available online.

    #MeToo Reckoning Workshop Available!
  • My work is featured at Let Her Speak! You can also find it at Instagram.

    Let Her Speak
  • In the past few days, a Baptist minister from Missouri, Stewart-Allen Clark, has garnered national attention. (A snippet from the viral video of the sermon is linked below.) He preaches specifically about the male gaze, telling women that they’re responsible for what their husbands look at. “Don’t give him a reason to be looking around.”… [Continue Reading]

    Who’s Responsible for the Male Gaze?