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  • I was a guest on Seth Price’s podcast — “Can I Say This at Church” — last month. We had a lively discussion about the #MeToo movement and faith late one evening. The episode aired July 27, 2020. I hope you’ll give it a listen and let me know what strikes you. You can also… [Continue Reading]

    Podcast — Can I Say This at Church? with Seth Price
  • #2. Review by C. Christopher Smith at Englewood Review of Books on 5/17/17. from the review: What I love most about this memoir is that it is a gift, primarily for her daughters, but by extension to other young women and ultimately Christian culture in general.  Purity-culture theology has real-world, damaging  consequences, and Ruth Everhart… [Continue Reading]

    Reviews of RUINED
  • #4. Review by Lois Sibley at Reviewing Religious Books (her blog) on 5/24/13. from the review: When Ruth Everhart was invited to participate in a ten-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land, she thought about it for awhile. As Presbyterian minister of a church in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, busy with both family and church, she… [Continue Reading]

  • A very personal essay about mothers and mortality. How can we celebrate Eastertide during a time of COVID-19? In the May 5, 2020 print edition of Christian Century, online here.

    What Language Can I Borrow?
  • Content Warning: Stillbirth Yesterday was Good Friday. Instead of working on a sermon or reading scripture to follow Jesus along the Via Dolorosa, I spent hours on the phone with my elderly mother, trying to help her master Zoom technology. The hours felt as sacred as any Good Friday observance. I want my mother to… [Continue Reading]

    Like the First Easter

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