52 Things I’m Grateful for on My 52nd Birthday

My fifth birthday!
  1. my husband brought me coffee in bed
  2. my husband always brings me coffee in bed
  3. I still love my husband and he still loves me
  4. unprintable
  5. I had a bowl of grits for breakfast, with butter and salt
  6. I like the blue bowl I cook the grits in every morning
  7. the full moon was still high in a blue sky when I left the house
  8. I have a car at my disposal
  9. I exercised and nothing hurt
  10. there are probably a gazillion diseases I do not have
  11. when I got home from the gym there were people cleaning our gutters because my husband hired them, which means both that he thinks of such things and that we can afford such things, so this is a two-for-one
  12. I had 3Godiva berry cups in the house and there were 3 gutter-cleaner-guys
  13. the second cup of coffee was as delicious as the first
  14. the turtles and I are getting along swimmingly (a little joke)
  15. our daughter entrusted me with her turtles!
  16. the cat still hasn’t tried to eat the turtles, I enjoy family harmony
  17. a lot of friends wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook
  18. our older daughter is at an internship in Washington DC, a great opportunity
  19. our younger daughter is at college in Boston, a great opportunity
  20. my husband is at work
  21. my husband likes his work
  22. my husband is good at his work
  23. my husband is healthy
  24. did I mention I still love my husband?
  25. I have a DVD with one more episode of the Office and I can watch it whenever I want
  26. if I wanted to, right this minute I could make myself a piece of toast with homemade strawberry jam
  27. the weather is brisk and beautiful and blue today and I look out the window through the branches of a big ash tree
  28. the postal carrier brought me more birthday greetings
  29. my sermon is halfway done
  30. I read a review of a book in the Washington Post and ordered it for myself and the church will pay for it because it’s a book about Jesus
  31. I love getting free books about Jesus
  32. I love books
  33. I love Jesus
  34. I have work that makes me use my brain
  35. I have work that matters
  36. at any moment I could pick up the phone and call my parents
  37. my parents are both alive and healthy
  38. my parents still love each other
  39. I could, right this minute, get in my car and drive to the mall and buy myself something if I wanted to
  40. I don’t want to
  41. I have a card to send to my younger daughter because she turns 20 next week
  42. I got to raise teenagers
  43. but I am done with that
  44. the housework I did this morning was mainly unloading applicances which do the actual work: dishwasher, washing machine, Roomba. this means I can be both clean and lazy, another two-for-one
  45. tonight we are going out for dinner and I am thinking about ordering sushi for an appetizer and then which fish for the entree
  46. if I wanted to I could order a martini tonight, which means that we can afford such things and I am not an alcoholic, another two-for-one
  47. I had a computer problem earlier this morning, so I called my husband
  48. he couldn’t fix it over the phone, but he tried
  49. because I have this computer problem I cannot work on my sermon anymore today, I can only blog and facebook
  50. or I could get in my car and drive to the little patch of woods that is 2.3 miles from my house, and walk for 25 minutes and probably not see another person, even though this is highly-populated northern Virginia
  51. there is homemade French onion soup in the refrigerator and I will probably eat it for lunch
  52. Jesus is coming soon
  53. it would be easy to think of 52 more of these even if I tried to limit the number of food references


2 responses to “52 Things I’m Grateful for on My 52nd Birthday”

  1. Thanks Marion, It was a lovely birthday.

  2. Sorry I missed your birthday. It’s a lovely list. Have a happy year.

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