A Conversation at the Checkout Counter

Lobster tails were on sale for Valentine’s Day, so I bought a package. As she swiped them, the grocery clerk commented: “Lobster tails, huh, I thought about getting me some.”

“But you didn’t?”

“We’re having Cornish Game Hen instead.”

“It’s been ages since I had Cornish Game Hen,” I replied, silently adding because I don’t like eating from those little bones!

“My 85 year old mother loves Cornish Game Hen and sweet potatoes, so that’s what we’re having.”

“Well, how nice of you to make that for her. Are you going to roast the sweet potatoes?”

“Ahuh. And then we’re having pajama night, just the three of us. Me and my husband and my mother. We’ll watch a couple of movies.” She laughed as she swiped my groceries. “Though we might only watch one because we have to be up early.”

“I can’t remember when I watched more than one movie,” I said, sheepishly.

“And my sister will call, don’t you know, wanting to come over, and I’ll say, You can’t come over, you had Mom last night.” She laughs as she swipes my coupons. “But of course I won’t say that, I’ll say, come on over. There will be enough.”

I swipe my credit card, thinking I’ve just met one of the luckiest women on God’s good earth. And she’s smart enough to know it.


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