Ruth Everhart Author

I’m a Pastor.

I served in ministry for more than three decades. As of summer 2023, I’m “Honorably Retired.”

I’m a Blogger and Writer.

I’ve blogged at this website since 2007. I’ve also written many articles, some of which have won awards. Highlights include two cover stories for Christian Century, an op-ed for the Washington Post, and a Sojourners article about abortion. That last one, titled Skin in the Game, is available here so you can read it without a paywall. Other bylines include Religion News Service, Patheos, and Feasting on the Word

I’m the Author of Three Books.

Click on each book cover to find purchasing information at Amazon, Audible, and other retailers. You can contact me if you’re looking for multiple copies.


The #MeToo Reckoning: Facing the Church’s Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

This book explores true stories of Protestant churches which failed to respond appropriately to sexual abuse in their midst, and compares them to stories from scripture. The braiding of contemporary stories with ancient scripture is eye-opening, inspiring, and hopeful. I’m happy that Publishers Weekly named it one of the Five Best Religion Books for 2020. It has been translated into Korean. Available in paperback, eBook and Audible.

Ruined, spiritual memoir


This memoir describes a traumatic sexual assault that occurred decades ago, while I was a college senior. The account goes well beyond the night of the attack — it chronicles my wrestling with faith for many years. Certain questions haunted me. Decades later, I used my lenses as a survivor, pastor, and mother to explore those questions. Why did that assault change my life so completely? How did my faith inform my understanding of that night? What, exactly, was ruined? I’m happy that this memoir was named 2017 Book of the Year by Christianity Today Women. Available in paperback, eBook and Audible.

holy land pilgrimage, Israel and Palestine

Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land

This spiritual travel memoir chronicles my transformative two-week pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine. Readers journey alongside me as we experience both the outer terrain of the Holy Land and the interior questions that arise from pursuing the Holy One. It’s a personal book, with many light moments. Readers tell me it helped them prepare for a pilgrimage, debrief their pilgrimage, or was a pleasant substitute for a trip they were unable to take. View the book trailer here (with footage from Israel & Palestine). Available in paperback and eBook.

I co-created a Self-paced Workshop.

I’m passionate about empowering faith communities to respond appropriately to sexual abuse. Eileen Campbell-Reed, PhD and I created The #MeToo Workshop. This self-paced workshop is four sessions — 5 videos and 20 downloadable handouts on these topics:

  • Challenging Patriarchy and Power
  • Empowering Prevention and Response
  • Reimagining Ritual and Liturgy
  • Envisioning a New Beloved Community

You’ll also receive a signed copy of my book, The #MeToo Reckoning. Learn more at The #MeToo Workshop.

I’m traveling in Retirement!

My husband Doug and I have been traveling North America in a truck camper named Big Blue. I sometimes blog about our adventures on Substack at “Big Blue Adventures”.

  • Across the American West, from Virginia to California, five months (Oct 2021 – Feb 2022).
  • Through the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland, three+ months (July – Oct 2023).