All Saints Day

We had fun in worship today, thinking about saints.  My sermon title was Heroes?

I showed a variety of images — can you guess how each one fit? Spiderman,  St. Francis of Assisi,  Martin Luther King, Jr.,  X-Men,  Michael Phelps,  Heroes (the TV show), Mother Teresa, Senator McCain, St. Jerome,  Dorothy Day,  Nelson Mandela,  Senator Obama, Nick & Joan Huizenga

Those last two names are the most important (to me) since they’re my parents — two of the “ordinary saints” that still walk this earth, praise God!

I DO love the two saintly hymns we sung: For All the Saints (one of those powerful, sober tunes meant to be played on organ) balanced by I Sing a Song of the Saints of God (simple, playful, ordinary, perfect for piano).  During communion we sang Jesus Thou Joy of Loving Hearts.

Then we were benedicted and discharged to coffee hour (to eat pumpkin-shaped cookies, of course).

What did you do for worship today?


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  1. YD, it’s so fun to hear about your adventures at Old South Church! Too bad we don’t have a bell to toll. Remember the bell at Rock Creek?

  2. Your Youngest Daughter Avatar
    Your Youngest Daughter

    I went to Old South Church for the eleven o’clock. Their choir had dressed in all black and they veeeeeerrrrrrrrrry slooooooooooooooooooowly processed to the front of the church. They named all of the members of OSC who had passed away in the last year and tolled a bell for each one. Then, they played some rousing organ music. I missed “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God.”

  3. I walked to my church where we focused on the beatitudes. To spice things up our rector had us read them from the NRSV, then he read them from the Message by Peterson. Then I drank coffee.

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