Birds: Overrun with Starlings

We have birds nesting in our backyard, in a stand of Leland pines.

Our favorite is the cardinals because Mr. Cardinal is always bringing Mrs. Cardinal tasty morsels and popping them in her mouth.

The Catbirds have tails that stick up, and make unappealing noises.

I love all birds, but the most beautiful birds in our yard these days are the Woodpeckers. Maybe my attachment there is partly my Calvinism — Woodpeckers have got to be the most industrious of birds.

But lately our bird-feeder has been overrun with Starlings.

“It’s like watching siblings,” my daughter said. “Or a fight in the cafeteria.”

“I suppose we invited them,” I said.

“They’re party-crashers. It’s like we invited a few people over and now it’s party at the Everharts!”

I’m thinking about this morning’s text, Matthew 6: Behold the birds of the air.

Apparently Jesus loved all the birds.


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