The Perils of Living in the Future

Since I’m a planner, by nature, I have a tendency to live in the future just a bit. ?For instance, right now, I am waiting for these things to come to pass:

— our 24th wedding anniversary celebration (in 6 days)

— my cat’s ear infection to heal

— our younger daughter to come home from Shakespeare Camp

— our older daughter to finish summer term and take a much-deserved vacation

— both daughters to go away to separate colleges

— a publishing house (Zondervans) to respond to a novel ms. submission they’ve had for 3 months

— two publishing houses (Upper Room & Eerdmanns) to respond to a non-fiction ms. submission they’ve had for 2+ months

As a minister, I’m waiting for these things to come to pass:

— the completed demolition of one of our church buildings

— our budget to “normalize” after it’s summer crazies

— a bequest check to refill the capital fund coffers

— leadership for our “Transformation” efforts to rise up and become obvious to me, by the power of the Holy Spirit

— the predictable fall transitions — Sunday School staffing, elder nominating

Nothing unusual. You could probably create a similar list. But it’s the “shadow list” items that are the real killers. ?Perhaps — without realizing it –I’m waiting for:

— my daughters to be “all grown up”

— the world to appreciate the fact that I’m a wonderful writer

— my marriage to show the “inevitable” signs of age

— my church to be “successful”


A week ago a good friend died unexpectedly, so this has come to pass: a moment to reflect on the fact that we don’t know how many moments we have.

Living in the future is unwise. Living in the future because it appears to be a bit more perfect than the present is perhaps unwisest of all.

Now I’m off to my cardio kickboxing class. ?At least there I can punch each moment as it passes.


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  1. Hello Ruth 🙂 I am a planner too so I really resonnate with your list! I wish I could jut let go of the lists for a while and stop analyzing stuff. I wish I could just enjoy what is and let what will be just happen. I think this is part of what God is doing in my life right now. Oh to be free of the tangled web we weave!

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