I don’t like it when I spend too much of my time being a Consumer.

It can be a frustrating cycle. ?First there’s shopping for new items, which consumes time, energy, and gas. ?Too often items are disappointing. ?Yesterday I bought a shoerack that turned out to be broken in the box. ?And this morning a new coffeemaker malfunctioned. ?So then comes the inevitable returning of items, which I find particularly demoralizing, but am too thrifty to omit.

Factor in storage and cleaning out of unused items. ?Thinking: Who might need this item and how can I get it to them? ?And I haven’t even mentioned clothing.

~ Forgive me Jesus, I am not like a bird of the air, or the lilies, and get caught in toiling and spinning ~

I try to live a simple life, but find that it’s complicated to do so. ?Yet I continue to resist thinking of my primary function in life as being a Consumer, despite evidence to the contrary. No. ?Consuming was not the reason I was put on the planet.


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  1. I myself always wonder about the irony of being a mindful consumer — which I try to be — and in doing so becoming exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

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