Doe, poetry by Susan Baller-Shepard

DOE, poems of innocence, atrocity, and other female concerns

I’m so thrilled to tell you about a new book of poetry by my good friend, Susan Baller-Shepard. The title is simply: DOE. Many of Susan’s poems feature the nature world, which she loves, but they explore and reveal the human experience, from a uniquely female lens.

Susan is a pastor and religion teacher, and one of the most profound thinkers I know. If you love the poetry of Mary Oliver, or Jane Kenyon, give this book a try. You will thank me for introducing you. Here’s my blurb:

In a few lines, Susan Baller-Shepard?s poems tell stories so personal we will recognize them as our own. Stories of love and longing, of unfinished adolescence, of wrestling with death. In a world intent on selling us ways to plaster over our vulnerability, Baller-Shepard?s poems do the opposite. By stripping away the pretense, she does nothing less than help us find our soul.

Order it from Finishing Line Press.

Really, go ahead and order it!

Doe, poetry by Susan Baller-Shepard

In light of the book’s title, I restrained myself from calling Susan a “dear” friend, although she is. Here’s a picture of us from 2014, at the Festival of Faith & Writing. So happy to be together, basking in words!


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