Embassy Tour

Embassy Tour in DC, May 2022

Every year the Embassies in Washington DC host an Embassy Tour on two Saturdays in May except, of course, for the last two pandemic years — which means there was pent-up demand and excitement.

May 7 was the reception for the non-European countries. May 14 was the EU’s turn.

We stepped foot in a dozen countries. In most of them we enjoyed sips of this and that (mainly coffee and rum), gobbled a few morsels, and admired beautiful artwork. In all of them we soaked in the good energy.

Some countries included drawings for free trips, performances by native dancers, and/or had dignitaries on hand. For instance, we had our photo taken with the Ambassador from Haiti (below). What an imposing figure!

In South Africa, our last stop, we bought some “fat balls” which are like the oliebollen of my youth. I also had a fascinating conversation with a new friend.

It’s always a good thing to make a friend. Adventurers find each other, even hidden under umbrellas!

The countries we visited on this Embassy Tour were: Cameroon, Chile, Kenya, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Albania, Haiti, Barbados, Algeria, Costa Rica, Azerbijan, South Africa.

We’re looking forward to a jaunt through some of the nations of the European Union tomorrow. Definitely hoping to land in the Netherlands, my motherland. What countries would be on your list?


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