Emerson Commencement Address by David Gregory

Our daughter graduated from Emerson College in Boston on Monday, May 14, 2012. The ceremony was held in the Broadway-style Wang Theater and the reception afterward was in tents on the Boston Common under cloudy skies.

The graduation speaker was David Gregory, moderator of Meet the Press. He did a fine job, opening with lighthearted remarks. I captured his more meaty comment in bullet points:

Learn resilience. You will fail. The test is how you respond.

Learn humility. We are all empty vessels.

Be part of a team. Value everyone’s point of view.

Do great work that you love.

Learn interpersonal skills . . . Impress people beyond social media.

Think strategically. . . . Solve problems.

It’s a good idea to read obituaries and see how people lived their lives, the different roads they took.

Never settle.

Always be yourself. Unless that’s not working for you.

This is your time. Stop. Look around and be thankful.

Indeed. Stop. Look around. Be thankful.


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