For the Bible Tells Me So

For the Bible Tells Me So, a movie review

For the Bible Tells Me So is a documentary. It depicts how the Bible is sometimes used to deny rights to gays and lesbians.

The film features 1) Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, 2) Jake Reitan, a teenager from Minnesota Lutheranism, 3) Chrissy Gephardt, 4) a mother who was estranged from her lesbian daughter, and 5) Mel White.

In addition, it ranges pretty widely, including footage of Bible-thumpers saying that “homosexuality is an abomination” as well as textual work — on the famed Sodom and Gomorrah passage in Genesis, the Holiness code in Leviticus, and Paul’s words in the beginning of Romans.

Born Gay?

The film touched on some of the possible biological reasons why a person is born gay. This section is in response to the question: Is a person born gay or is it a choice? The film touched on movements that purport to “cure” a person of gay-ness (all of which have been discredited). The film closes with folks from Soulforce marching on Focus on the Family.

I can easily imagine James Dobson dispatching the guys with face shields and handcuffs. I am personally angry at Mr. Dobson, who started out doing some decent family-based ministry, and become a flag-waver for the cause of hating gays. I feel cheated by him, and no longer support anything that his ministry touches. Many of the messages my daughters absorbed from his operation turned out to be damaging.

A Word of Grace

The film ranged pretty widely. I was pleased by this balance. I felt that the movie conveyed a message of grace. Hopefully the material is presented in a way that will allow people of faith to think a little differently. It’s a great beginning to diving into scripture about this subject. I would use this film for Adult Sunday School at church, feeling like it would stimulate some good discussion.

I believe that while the church fights amongst itself over this issue, the culture has largely passed by these concerns. I believe that in 15 years (or less) homosexuality will be a non-issue. The current generation doesn’t even understand why anybody cares about another person’s sexual preference. If the church continues to spend its energy fighting about this subject, it will have wasted that most precious of all commodities: energy.

And I believe that for a Christian, “energy” is another way to say: the breath of the Holy Spirit that moves through our bodies giving power to our words and actions. Frittering that precious stuff away is not only dangerous, but sinful.

I believe that some people are born gay. The same standards apply to their relationships as well as any: they should be compassionate, faithful, monogamous, and committed.


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  1. Revd Joanna Avatar
    Revd Joanna

    Is it possible to see this film ‘For the Bible Tells us So” in Britain. Would it be suitable for a Christian LBGTQ+ group that is fairly sophisticated?

    1. I don’t know about the film’s availability in Britain, check for streaming services. I think it would be useful for the kind of group you describe. Let me know how it goes!

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