God Bless Antoinette Tuff

In case you missed the story of Antoinette Tuff, Here it is from NPR.

A 20-year old man, armed with assault weapons, entered a school building full of children. He encountered Antoinette Tuff, who was the school clerk. She called 911, and then she handled the situation, but in a most unusual way.

She talked to the gunman. She asked his name. She told him her own story. She treated him like a human being. Because she SAW him as a human being.

“I just started praying for him,” Antoinette Tuff said. “I just started talking to him … and let him know what was going on with me and that it would be OK.”

Read everything about this story. It is better than any sermon. Have you ever known anyone who lived out Jesus’ words more fully? Her compassion prevented great harm. There was nothing naive or foolish about her actions. But she was grounded in prayer.

“She asked the suspect to put his weapons down.”


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