My husband and I went onto our breezeway so I could cut his hair. That way there’s no need to sweep up afterward.

Scissors in hand, I asked him: “How long have I been cutting your hair?”

“As long as we’ve been married.”

(That’s almost 29 years. I gave him the first haircut when we were so very very broke. I remember saying: How hard can this be? It’s just hair. It will grow back, right?)

“Really? Are you sure? I remember you getting a couple barbershop haircuts along the way.”

“I remember two. Once was when you were mad at me. You said Go cut your own goddam hair.”

We laughed.

“The other time was on a Superbowl Sunday. I remember because the haircutter was incredibly flirtatious. She obviously thought, what a catch, a man who doesn’t watch football!”

We laughed again. The cat came by, purring. The swinging chairs stirred in the breeze. A kid came by trying to sell us new windows. Or whatever. We laughed and waved him away.

“Oh and a third time. Hannah was an infant. I wore her in an infant carrier and the haircutter slung the cape right over her, she slept through the whole thing. You were home napping.”

We both sighed at the memory.

Gosh, he’s a handsome man with a good haircut. And he trusts me with scissors so close to his head! And hair does grow back.

UPDATE WITH FUN FACTS: Our older child calculated our savings: $16 a haircut, plus tip=$20. Haircut every 6 weeks is 8.6 a year. 29 years times 8.6 haircuts is approximately 251 haircuts, times $20 a haircut is approximately $7288.


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