Handcrafted Portable Communion Sets

Are you looking for a special gift for a seminarian or minister? How about a portable communion set handcrafted from beautiful wood? Imagine using this gorgeous item to bring the sacrament to the bedside of someone hospitalized, or homebound. The carrier is worthy of its purpose. It communicates to everyone involved that they are indeed partaking of a sacred moment.

There are a number of box options available, depending on size and type of cup. They come with their own glassware. There’s a velvet-lined option for a common cup. Each box is handmade, and the craftswoman uses different types of woods. They are each beautiful — I predict that it will be difficult to choose. I cannot recommend this work highly enough!

For pricing, and to place an order, visit Sharon Newton’s website.

As an author and creative person, I appreciate that Sharon creates something that did not formerly exist.

As an ordained clergywoman, I appreciate the care lavished on these special tools of the trade.

Portable communion sets, hand-made
Portable communion sets, hand-made



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