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Healthy Boundaries for Clergy: Four Gems to Remember

To keep my standing as a minister current, I must attend a “Healthy Boundaries” training once every three years. Here are four gems I want to remember:

1. Boundaries preserve the sanctity of the self in relationship.

2. Why do people cross boundaries inappropriately? Because people are pleasure seeking creatures. And because we aren’t paying attention.

3. A teacher should never want something from a student.

4. The purpose of another person’s life is never to relieve my suffering.

Do you attend similar trainings? What are the gems you take away?


4 responses to “Healthy Boundaries for Clergy: Four Gems to Remember”

  1. Peggy Haymes Avatar
    Peggy Haymes

    Those of us in the helping professions are also ore likely to cross boundaries when we have been tending to everyone else’s needs but neglecting our own. Self care is an ethical issue.

    1. An excellent point.

  2. We have to attend safeguarding training, which is a bit different – not sure how often, or whether it was a one-off. What we took away from that is always report. Even if you’re only a bit suspicious, better to tell your supervisor than to allow a child or vulnerable adult to be abused in any way.

    1. Thanks for your comment Annabel. One of the points made at our training is the need to move beyond a “Child Protection Policy” (which is a good first step) to a “Safe Church Policy” (which is broader in scope). Not sure exactly what that will look like. But I will post about it again when it pops up.

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