I like my church.

I like listening to the piano and singing the hymns. I especially love it when the pianist makes a little mistake and we sing right over it and it doesn’t matter one bit.

I like that people enjoy changing the hymn numbers in the wooden holder, and that people take turns doing this.

I like it that sometimes one of the girls in the church will show up early so she can mark the pulpit Bible for scripture readings.

I like listening to a church member read the scripture. Yesterday a high school aged boy did a great job, and sitting behind him, I noticed he’s grown about two inches this summer. ?I like watching other people’s kids grow up.

I like stepping onto my little platform for the sermon. I like that somebody made that platform just for me, because I’m too short for the pulpit. I like looking at all the faces looking up at me, and knowing that we love each other. Even when things are messy. ?I like it when they look intent on what I’m saying. I like it when there is a burst of laughter, spontaneously, because God is good or life is funny.

I like knowing that someone is up in the balcony putting the sermon on podcast, for no other reason than he wants to, this is his way of giving something unique to the church, and he puts heart and soul into it.

I like showing pictures during my sermon, and I like that my husband changes the pictures for me, we are a team. ?I like giving the benediction and then shaking everybody’s hand. ?Except for the people who hug me, and I like the hugs too.

I like going to coffee hour and talking a little church business with one person, and a little bit about my kids with another person. I like that my husband pours me a cup of coffee because I never get to the coffeepot.

I like seeing “the guys” stand around on the property next door, where demolition has just been completed. I like knowing they’re talking about rubbish removal and sod and stuff like that, because soon the property will be more beautiful.

I like church.


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  1. I like it too. : )

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