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Until Our Wounds Heal Korean translation #MeTooReckoning

The publisher chose to translate THE #METOO RECKONING into Korean (released August 2021). I understand that the conservative nature of Korean culture makes it very difficult for victims and survivors to give voice when they’ve been sexually abused. I pray that the stories and scriptural teachings in my book are useful to individuals and communities struggling with abuse.

The Korean title is: UNTIL OUR WOUNDS HEAL: #MeToo in the Church, Guidelines for Change in Consciousness and Behavior.

A book trailer with Korean subtitles is available on YouTube.

I wrote a new preface for this edition and am grateful to a number of Korean-speaking clergy colleagues who read my draft and gave feedback.

You can order the Korean translation here.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Until Our Wounds Heal Korean translation #MeTooReckoning