Republished my eBook: Grand Canyon by Mule

Here’s my latest book! Except it’s seven years old.

Back in 2013 I self-published a short e-book about riding a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I wanted to share this unforgettable experience with others, and I also liked the DIY part — learning the mechanics of publishing and using photos. 

At the time I was also working on my memoir. Knowledgeable people advised me that publishing houses would avoid self-published authors, so I unpublished it. But the world of publishing has changed — or maybe I’ve changed, with three traditionally-published books under my belt!

Grand Canyon by Mule is a fun little book and who couldn’t use some vicarious travel right now? Christmas and the winter holidays are coming and I daresay we’d all like a change of scene and taste of adventure. So I’ve made this e-book available again.

6,500 words, 18 photos, photo credits to my family.

Grand Canyon by Mule


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