#3 Lent Pilgrimage, by Donkey or Tour Bus

For the Lord has chosen Zion; the Lord has desired it for his habitation. ~Psalm 132:13

The word “pilgrimage” pairs naturally with “Holy Land.” For thousands of years, pilgrims have traveled to the towns, deserts and lakeshore where Jesus set foot. They traveled most often by foot. Today’s pilgrims often travel by belching tour bus, rather than by sandal or picturesque donkey. Yet we are drawn to make the trek. “For the Lord has chosen Zion.” Even the name Holy Land suggests that this land is different from the ordinary land where you and I live. Yet this Holy Land makes news with its violence and conflict. For me, this land is both attractive and repellent, like the two poles of a magnet.

What does this Holy Land mean to your faith?

Prayer: O God, help me desire Zion as you do.

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