Lent Pilgrimage, Taking Sides

If it had not been the Lord who was on our side. ~Psalm 124:1

The three Abrahamic faiths perpetually collide in Jerusalem. For instance, to visit a Muslim holy site, the Dome of the Rock, a Christian pilgrim must pass through a checkpoint staffed by the Israeli military, which is just a stone’s throw from where devout Jews pray at the Western Wall. A huge volume of history hangs in the air, filling the spaces between people. Warfare, both ancient and modern, reverberates. I sense how easily we humans choose sides and assume that God is on ours. Even scripture can undergird this notion.

How might you put yourself on an opposite side this Lent, perhaps by exposing yourself to other faith traditions?

Prayer: O Lord, may I be on your side, instead of assuming you are on mine.

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Dome of the Rock


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