#22 Lent Pilgrimage, Mapping It

Jesus left Judea and started back to Galilee. But he had to go through Samaria. ~ John 4:3?4

Jesus and his disciples were forever traipsing about from town to town. I sometimes read the names of these places and immediately forget them, just as I might half-listen to a coworker?s description of a trip, wondering later whether they’d visited Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Both of those cities might be in Pennsylvania, but they’re far apart and very different! To be a pilgrim is to lay down memories of specific places, memories tracked in road dust. To be a pilgrim is to notice how the dryness and desolation of Judea gives way to green things growing in Galilee.

Can you consult various maps as your Bible readings follow Jesus during this Lenten season?

Prayer: O Creator, let me notice your climate and terrain.

Click here for the Fourth Sunday in Lent.


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