#8 Lent Pilgrimage, Our Feet Are Standing

Our feet are standing within your gates, O Jerusalem. ~Psalm 122:2

The Psalms of Ascent have accompanied us to Jerusalem; they are the songs of all pilgrims. As we pass through the ancient stone gates, Psalm 122 drifts through my consciousness. The light is low because the streets are as narrow as alleyways, with high walls. Robed women move along smoothly, carrying burdens. Men squat beside open bins, selling fruits and vegetables. The air is scented with saffron and hot oil. Cats dart past our feet. Cacophony surrounds us. There is so much life.

Can you stop, right now, wherever you are, to feel the pulse of life around you?

Prayer: O Creator, you are here, where my pilgrim feet are standing.

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4 responses to “#8 Lent Pilgrimage, Our Feet Are Standing”

  1. I remember passing through the Stephen Gate and reciting this verse. A powerful moment.
    As for the pulse of life today, it is rather hushed at the present.

    1. Thanks for sharing the memory!

  2. Terrie May Avatar
    Terrie May

    Stopping to feel the pulse of life, what an amazing feeling. It is a good reminder to move through every day with consciousness of the rhythm of life around you.

    1. Terrie, I was so glad I posted this today. I needed the reminder!

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