#26 Lent Pilgrimage, Singing Anyway

The disciples saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near the boat. ~John 6:19

The brochure says that the boat we have boarded is authentic to Jesus? day, though it is very large?with a roof?and speakers pump contemporary praise and worship music. I don’t prefer the music. I wonder: would Jesus have liked it? Does he like it now? Yet the sun sparkles on the water. This Sea of Galilee is the same body of water that the disciples fished from, that Jesus walked on, that Peter sank in. I feel heady and surprise myself by singing along to the music.

When have you felt the presence of God through an experience that surprised you?

Prayer: O Spirit, thank you for appearing in unexpected ways.

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2 responses to “#26 Lent Pilgrimage, Singing Anyway”

  1. I think CCM or praise songs are the pop music and boy bands of mainstream music. Everybody knows the words and sometimes you find you’re singing along at the store but it’s bubble gum; sickly sweet, crudely but effectively appealing at the basic emotional level.
    But then the simple praise songs are such a perfect outlet for expressing deep feelings, which is especially important for adolescents. And worship is an ideal time and space for emotional expression, don’t you think?

    1. Meg — I love your comparison — praise music to boy bands — spot on!

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