Let Freedom Ring: the Newseum

Today we went to the Newseum, a museum run by the Freedom Forum. We:

~ checked out a good-sized stretch of the Berlin wall, complete with guard tower (had never noticed the “back side” devoid of grafitti, mute testimony to the death watch kept on that side)

~ could hardly tear ourselves away from “Fotobama” (so many beautiful photographs of our honorable president and his family, both amateur and professional)

~ followed the dotted lines of “Manhunt” to see which of John Wilkes Booth’s stops we haven’t yet visited (all that’s left is the site of the barn which was burned with him in it)

~ made individual videos of ourselves delivering a news segment (both awful and fun!)

~ learned about journalists who have died on the job (their stories are not as known as they should be)

~ viewed a film about Woodstock (although after the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame we are Woodstocked-out)

~ played interactive games about journalism (which I consistently lost)

~ were quizzed on “the Five Freedoms” (ask me, ask me!)

~ viewed Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs (and read their amazing back stories)

~ remembered 9/11 with images, some iconic and some new to us (and just didn’t have it in us to see the very powerful film that is always standing-room only)

~ donned plastic glasses for a 4D movie about the history of investigative journalism (mainly Nellie Bly)

~ left when the museum closed — and went out onto the streets of DC to wander the avenues and marvel that we get to live here.

What a privilege it is to be an American.


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