Acronyms Run Amuck: One Thing I Love About Language

In a casual conversation I said that someone went to the UCC, meaning, of course, the United Church of Christ.

My sister-in-law, who is a nurse, said, “I must have missed something. Why did they go to the Urgent Care Center?”

My brother-in-law, who’s an attorney, said, “And what does that have to do with the Uniform Commercial Code?”

This is one thing I love about language: Context is everything.

What do you love about language?


One response to “Acronyms Run Amuck: One Thing I Love About Language”

  1. Anita Post Blom Avatar
    Anita Post Blom

    Isn’t it interesting how as our lives broaden (ahem, we age) we find the same initialisms for such diverse meanings. Odds are I won’t meet a Protestant Reformed, Puerto Rican public relations worker, but I have met a lot of each of these P.R.s.

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