Loving the Talent, Loving the Teens

Teenagers get such a bad rap.  People complain that they’re sullen or out-of-control or whatever. I disagree.

Tonight I went to “So You Think You’ve Got Talent” at the high school. I only knew a few of the kids who were on stage, but that didn’t matter.  It was the easiest thing to sit in the auditorium and love all those kids. The feeling of the room was simply: Kind.

Every act got lots of applause. And honestly, what a lot of talent there was!  But even when there were glitches– multiple times there were technical problems, mainly with amplifiers–no one got restless or booed.  There was just a sort of patient good humor about the whole thing.

I went to the Talent Show tonight because my Younger Daughter came home from school and mentioned, off-hand: They asked me to do a little stand-up comedy tonight while the votes are being counted, just to fill time.  I tried not to look as shocked as I felt, but I could literally feel my heart jump.  Can you imagine anything more terrifying?  Really?

I did tell her: You’re brave. And she was.  Brave, and funny. People laughed in all the right places. She even made a joke about me, about the lunches I sometimes pack for her. Isn’t that grand? Mothers are hilarious.

It’s so good to be good for something!


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