Out my window it is swirling white, and I can hear the sound of the wind. This is the third snowstorm in a row, and what’s even more wierder, is that I live in northern Virginia, which normally doesn’t DO snow. But I’m not complaining. It’s lovely, much of the time, and provides some physical exertion without going to the gym, and best of all, provides a true Sabbath.

Last Sunday we didn’t have church services and Monday we didn’t have Session. I’m doing the usual church administration/pastoral care via internet. But I’m also getting lots of other things done, the kinds of things it’s easy to put off, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. I painted the bathroom, hemmed a pair of pants, cleaned out the basement, and did some writing. I’ve also had great conversations with my daughters (one via Skype) and husband. We’ve lingered over meals.

I pray for all those who are experiencing real difficulty with the weather: those who have to be out in it, who don’t have adequate shelter, who don’t have funds for the extra expenses, who can’t afford forced days off from work, who need to get somewhere and can’t . . . the list could go on. Somehow the snow binds us all together as I look out the window this morning.


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