Pet Peeves


Because now that the election is over, we can get to the things that Really Matter:

Pet Peeve #1:  My Netflix account keeps asking me to rate the movies I’ve seen.  They do this for my own good, of course, so they will be able to suggest movies I’ll love.  Harrumph.  I’ll pick my own DVDs, thank you very much.  I hate the implication that I’m a market niche, easily slotted!

Pet Peeve #2:  The Eddie Bauer catalog had a really cute “bathrobe alternative” that caught my eye (bathrobes are just too big and all-enveloping for me).  This was a cozy little sweater to match some flannel pants.  Well, I already have flannel pants (from Kohls clearance racks, and yes, you’re welcome for that great shopping tip).  We’re talking nightwear here.  Only my husband and daughters will see it, right?  So look at the price of said “cozy little sweater”.  Why would I spend more on this than I spend on Sunday clothes?

Pet Peeve #3:   I absolutely cannot get contacts that allow me to see all distances at once.  For instance, I cannot: drive to the grocery store, read package labels, read coupons.  These are 3 completely different focal lengths, and I basically have to pick when and where I will squint.

Pet Peeve #4:  When I upgraded my WordPress blog I lost ALL my tags.

Pet Peeve #5:  People who find stuff to gripe about when their lives are pretty darn near perfect.


5 responses to “Pet Peeves”

  1. Wayne, you made me laugh! Or should I say: I LOLed

  2. answer to pet peeve #2— I wish there was a law of physics that said the more I pay for a piece of clothing, the more a worker was paid to make it. With that said, 90% of my clothing comes from a consignment store…

    as for #1— we all are a market niche, one niche or another. well, never say all, at least I try not to in my science classes… too many exceptions to too many things.

    as for #3— I used to be able to see everything with my glasses, now with my latest ones I have to take them off to read. peeve away.

    as for #4— my wife is struggling to learn wordpress. you peeve, I peeve, she peeves… we all peeve for easy computer applications.

    as for 5— the grass can always be greener, but it sure is green already.

  3. ruth everhart Avatar
    ruth everhart

    Ah, Lorraine, I could stay home today (except for a grocery run) so I kind of enjoyed the rain, but you’re right — the traffic is always crazy in the rain. And Rob, I bet you look like a million dollars, or at least $10 in your polo.

  4. RobMonroe Avatar

    #1 – Amen! I used to rate the movies that my friends had watched, just for fun.

    #2 – Kohl’s Clearance is the best thing ever. I’m wearing a nice work polo that I got for $4. $4!

    #5 – Sometimes we just need to gripe. It’s okay. :o)

  5. Lol…

    #1 — I tell them I hate everything. Doesn’t stop them from recommending more.

    #2 — I agree. — I found the MOST cozy chenille-type big sweater on the rack at Goodwill. I think it was $2.95 or something like that. It’s like wearing a blanket.

    #5 — no problem. 🙂

    — my gripe of the day would be about the weather. If I didn’t have to drive anywhere it would be just fine — I could stay home, wrapped in my lovely Goodwill sweater, reading. However — well, let’s just say that a few raindrops makes people do dumb things. sheesh..

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