ponies on Assateague Island

Ponies & Renewal

If, like me, you read “Misty of Chincoteague” as a child, you may have a soft spot for the famous wild ponies who live on the barrier islands off the Virginia shore.

This week, while I was on a clergy retreat in Ocean City, Maryland, I visited Assateague Island. The ponies were on my mind because at the tail end of December I read this news story about the ponies and “swamp cancer.” The disease comes in through their hooves because they spend a lot of time in salt marsh. Climate change is making the pathogens common to warmer waters move further up the coast.

I did see three ponies. I was surprised and happy to see how large they were, and how healthy looking.

I also walked long stretches of beach, hoping to spot a Snowy Owl. No luck. Oh well, I have something to keep looking for.

What a privilege and joy to have this time of renewal! I especially treasured it since next week I will dive into the revisions of my book. I’ll be going away to a monastery for a week to begin that process, so I can be steeped in silence and prayer. I appreciate your prayers of support.


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  1. May your time at the monastery be refreshing for your soul and may the words you’re writing flow in abundance!

    1. Thank you Kathy! I’m so glad I could begin this revision process in a place so saturated with prayer and peace. Am now carrying on at home!

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