Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land


#4. Review by Lois Sibley at Reviewing Religious Books (her blog) on 5/24/13.

from the review: When Ruth Everhart was invited to participate in a ten-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land, she thought about it for awhile. As Presbyterian minister of a church in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, busy with both family and church, she realized that even after college, seminary, and 20 years of ministry, she still had some spiritual questions of her own.

#3. Review by Mary Harris Todd at The Presbyterian Outlook on 4/18/13.

from the review: The immediacy of the present tense allows readers to travel alongside her, to feel heat and persistent thirst, and to touch cold, hard stone. The Dead Sea stings the skin, while the Sea of Galilee soothes like silk. We smell crowds of sweaty people and the odors of cooking food. We taste cucumbers and tomatoes, communion bread and wine. There are nuanced shades of beige everywhere. As we pass through the shadow of the wall dividing Israel and Palestine, the words ?separate and not equal? come to my mind, and they are heavy with meaning.

#2. Review by Michelle VanLoon at Englewood Review of Books on 3/5/13.

from the review: As Chasing The Divine reminds us, those kinds of once-in-a-lifetime experiences aren?t meant to satisfy us, but are given to help us recognize how hungry we are. Everhart did the work of a pilgrim as she opened herself up to honest questions about her theological assumptions and spiritual history as she traveled the Land. Her beautiful, frank writing make this an enjoyable and unsettling read. The unsettledness is the gift of the book to readers, because the kinds of questions Ruth Everhart allowed herself to ask on throughout trip about who God is and what she truly believed about him are the kinds of questions that can transform any one of us into pilgrims, no matter where we live or travel.

#1. Review by Susan DeGrane at Booklist on 12/15/12.

from the review: To her credit, she provides candid and detailed observations of her own experience. 


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