Seen on the Ferry

Every time I go back or forth to church, I take a ferry from Virginia to Maryland.  It’s a small ferry, maybe 20 cars, which follows a cable across the Potomac. The engine is noisy; the river is usually smooth; the ferry guys are always smoking; and there’s always something to look at. 

In the past week (2 round trips) I’ve seen:

a pair of Great Blue Herons, flying
5 people, swimming
2 overweight women sitting outside the convenience store, smoking
a large crowd of people on the shore, singing in Spanish
a man in a white robe waist-deep in the river, baptizing
2 overweight women sitting outside the convenience store, lighting up again, one of them having taken the lead, and the other doing her bestest to catch up
a pirate (complete with eye patch) in a Ford printed with:”Pirates Treasure,” driving by
some beautiful spider webs on the ferry rails, twisting in the breeze

Just wanted to share.


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