A full house, with folks in the balcony. A visiting family, there in the middle of things. Up front, two children aren’t used to worship yet. The organ, played with great energy. ?The congregation, singing with gusto. One child cries, the other joins in, compassion in action.?Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us.?I sing, while praying for the parents and grandparents.

The word, read by an elder.?Once there was a king who forgave a slave a great debt. ?So you must forgive your brother and sister from your heart. ?A new song in response, from Iona: “Firstborn of Mary, provocative preacher, itinerant teacher, outsiders choice. Jesus inspires and disarms and confuses whoever he chooses to hear his voice.”

Children’s time, the floor a swarm of legs.?God wants to forgive you! the elder says. ?I know! a small voice says.

The word, preached. ?Forgive our sins as we forgive. Prayer, offered by an elder, covering God’s good earth. The offering given up. ?On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand!

Coffee hour, a tableful of donut holes and chips outside in the heat while the children play. ?In my office, under the fan, a quick meeting to begin “Transformation.” ?I’m supposed to ask: What is God calling this church to become? I’m thinking the Holy Spirit is already plenty busy.


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  1. Amen, Ruth. Sounds like the Spirit is moving amongst you already…go with the flow.

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