Winter Beach: Sharks Teeth

We’re beach people. ?Winter beach people, that is. A day off from the pulpit sent us to a different venue for worship.

Yesterday was an ideal beach day. ?The waterscape was a hundred shades of blue, and the Bay’s surface was smooth linoleum, like a hospital hallway right after the buffing machine has done its noisy, gleaming job. ?The beach was dotted with a few people, and no seagulls. ?There was a strong breeze, which was downright balmy. ?We walked in jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts, but it’s hard for me to resist the pull of the sand at my feet. I dropped to my knees almost immediately, searching for sharks’ teeth.

I found 22 of them, none bigger than my pinky fingernail. ?They’re not particularly beautiful, and there’s not a thing to be done with them, since jewelry shouldn’t look carnivorous. ?But each tooth represents many deep breaths of salt-tinged air, a single-minded concentration, and the thrill of finding.

I love alternative worship.

Afterward we went to a near-empty bayside restaurant with a great view of the water, beautifully decked in Christmas lights. ?The special was lobster.


3 responses to “Winter Beach: Sharks Teeth”

  1. I’ll walk you through posting a picture sometime if you’d like. We could do it through Skpe pretty easily.

  2. Gord, I’ll email you, no problem. The location was the Chesapeake Bay, in the area stretching from North Beach down to the nuclear plant. I think that looking for sharks teeth is the same skill set as making a jigsaw puzzle. I go for color and shine, then shape. Maybe I’ll figure out how to post a picture sometime.

  3. Okay, what is the secret to finding these things? I’ve looked many times and never found one. If you’re hauling in 22 of them, you’ve got to know something…

    I’ll try to remember where this was, but I read a lot of blogs. If you would email me, I’d be thankful.

    Gordon Atkinson

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