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  • Signs vs. Sidewalk: Which Speaks Louder?

    Signs vs. Sidewalk: Which Speaks Louder?

    I was walking through an unfamiliar residential neighborhood to get some exercise, going at a good clip when I was brought to a sudden halt because the sidewalk disappeared. A certain establishment had not installed sidewalks along its considerable property line. The name of the establishment? “Health Network.” I could not continue my healthy walk…

  • Screens in Church?

    Visual images are powerful. We are surrounded by images used to influence our behavior as consumers. What is the role of the church in using images? I wrote an article for Reformed Worship about using visuals in church. I see the connection between computer icons and iconography. I’ve also blogged about using a stained glass…

  • Exploring Options: Rent Rooms?

    We’re thinking about using another church’s space to house two of our Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings. The church is about 2 blocks away, it would be older kids walking over. I assume we need to set a price and some kind of written agreement. Any advice?

  • What I Missed Yesterday


    Beautiful. Welcoming. Hospitable. Clean.

  • The Church Junk Problem


    Every church I have worked for has needed major cleaning out.  I hate that our Christian Ed space is so de-valued that it becomes a dumping ground.  I think one problem is that people don’t feel like they have the authority to get rid of things.  But somehow they DO have the authority to “donate” whatever they have handy,…