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  • PEI Trip ~ Days 6 & 7

    To begin with Day 1, click here. Day 5 is here. It is quite luxurious to sleep in a bed with the windows open, and with a whirlpool tub all to ourselves. Over breakfast we chatted with Mike and Paula, the other guests who were also from Virginia, from south of Chincoteague. Mike has an…

  • Let Freedom Ring: the Newseum

    Today we went to the Newseum, a museum run by the Freedom Forum. We: ~ checked out a good-sized stretch of the Berlin wall, complete with guard tower (had never noticed the “back side” devoid of grafitti, mute testimony to the death watch kept on that side) ~ could hardly tear ourselves away from “Fotobama”…

  • Bono’s Rejection Letters

    Under glass were two rejection letters addressed to Bono. They were form letters saying that they had reviewed his demo tape and it wasn’t quite the thing they were looking for, but wishing him well.