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  • The National: Rocking Out at Calvin

    When I attended Calvin there was no dancing allowed on campus. During the late 1970s students gathered in darkened dorm basements at covert “parties with music” to bounce rhythmically and hope no dean showed up to bust us.

  • PEI Trip ~ Day 10

    To begin with Day 1, click here. Days 8-9 are here. SATURDAY This is our last full day on the island, as tomorrow morning we’ll head out, probably via ferry to Nova Scotia. We realized we haven’t even been over to the west side of PEI, and hear that it’s very different from the east…

  • PEI Trip ~ Days 8 & 9

    To begin with Day 1, click here. Days 6-7 are here. THURSDAY July 1. . . Happy Birthday, Canada! The weather really came through, serving up a sunny day for Canada to celebrate itself. We are en route to the east side of the island, to a spot more southern than before, Panmura Island beach.…

  • Bono’s Rejection Letters

    Under glass were two rejection letters addressed to Bono. They were form letters saying that they had reviewed his demo tape and it wasn’t quite the thing they were looking for, but wishing him well.