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  • Uncluttering Books

    When I was growing up we didn’t have any extra money, so every book I read came from the library. I remember winning a couple of books through book-reading challenges at the library; those were precious. Buying textbooks in college was a stretch financially, and I never bought books for pleasure. Then I went to…

  • Bono’s Rejection Letters

    Under glass were two rejection letters addressed to Bono. They were form letters saying that they had reviewed his demo tape and it wasn’t quite the thing they were looking for, but wishing him well.

  • Publishers Weekly Review of “Take Wing”

    Regular readers know that I entered my novel TAKE WING in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, and was eliminated between the quarterfinals and semifinals. One of the benefits of being in the contest was getting feedback. Anyone could read the first 4,000 words of the novel and post a review. There are 28 posted reviews…