The Church Junk Problem


Every church I have worked for has needed major cleaning out.  I hate that our Christian Ed space is so de-valued that it becomes a dumping ground.  I think one problem is that people don’t feel like they have the authority to get rid of things.  But somehow they DO have the authority to “donate” whatever they have handy, or leave it behind.  And so the junk accumulates.  It does NOT create welcoming space!  I filled the dumpster, and set aside a huge mound for the upcoming Rummage Sale.  But you just watch — how much stuff will get re-donated? 

How do you handle this problem?


3 responses to “The Church Junk Problem”

  1. I love your answers, ppb and Joelle! Thanks!

  2. You go in some day when no one is around and you junk it all.

    And you look confused if anybody says anything.

  3. donate it to some other church’s rummage sale!

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