The MeToo Art Project: Together We Are Breaking the Silence

Art is powerful. That’s why I’m so grateful that two of my survivor stories have been featured in the MeToo Art Project, an ongoing project by artist Cheryl Prose. Here’s how Cheryl describes her work: The MeToo Art Project launched October 2017 and is designed to (1) give survivors of sexual violence another vehicle by which to speak their truth about their experience, (2) be a means by which to hold perpetrators accountable, (3) raise awareness of the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault, and (4) be a means by which solidarity is shown- without regard to gender- with and to those who have experienced this type of life-altering attack.

Three pieces from the MeToo Art Project will be on display throughout January at The Emporium (100 S. Gay Street) in downtown Knoxville, TN. These pieces are included under the category of Social Justice in the MLK Tribute exhibition. One of the pieces on display is based on my essay Skin in the Game.

Cheryl Prose and I also collaborated on this essay, “Art Giving Voice to MeToo” for NEXT church’s blog. It includes photos of another piece she made based on my memoir, Ruined. That one is built in the shape of a house and prominently features crime scene tape.

If you live near Knoxville, I hope you’ll stop by and snap a photo to share with me — I’d love to be there myself!


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  1. Ruth, I am so honored to be able to partner with you in breaking the silence.

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