The Rules of Improv: Lessons for the Writing Life

  1. Say Yes

  2. Don’t Prepare

  3. Just Show Up

  4. Start Anywhere

  5. Be Average

  6. Pay Attention

  7. Face the Facts

  8. Stay on Course

  9. Wake Up to the Gifts

  10. Make Mistakes, Please

  11. Act Now

  12. Take Care of Each Other

  13. Enjoy the Ride

Just sharing some thoughts from Improv Wisdom, by Patricia Ryan Madson

I like to remind myself of these from time to time. ?Each is worth it’s own post and much elaboration. ?Remembering these rules is not just good for comedy, it’s good for life.


6 responses to “The Rules of Improv: Lessons for the Writing Life”

  1. There’s a great commencement speech by Stephen Colbert where he talks about saying yes. Google it, it’s wonderful.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Madson, it’s an honor. Yes, I did appreciate your book very much, and have the rules posted by my desk. I have a daughter who did some Improv in high school, and hopes to continue those studies at Emerson College in Boston in the fall. Any advice for her?

  3. Few things create more delight in a writer than to discover that their writing has made a difference. I am thrilled that you and your readers can see that the improv maxims ARE useful advice for life. Easy to understand, but sometimes challenging to practice. Thank you, thank you for Making MY DAY!
    It is with your help that readers will find their way to the book.
    Bless you!
    Patricia Ryan Madson

  4. Pink Hammer, exactly right. That’s why the book is profound way beyond it’s simple chapter titles. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Ya know…I think maybe these are good rules for living and authentic life. I read through the list and quite a few of the items listed on there were things God has been teaching me in the last few years of life. I am not sure you intended it that way and I am thinking not based on your tags, but that’s the way it hit me. : )

  6. Yes! I say yes.
    Thank you, Ruth.

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