#MeToo and #Church Too: First Steps for a Faithful Response

Using my own story, the stories of others, and scripture, I lead groups to consider the nature of the sexual abuse crisis. What’s new about it, and how is the church called to respond? I often focus on practical steps — how to become not only a safe space, but also a brave space able to move toward justice for survivors.

Ruined? Moving Beyond Purity

The experience of sexual violence can be devastating, and the church?s emphasis on sexual purity can intensify the damage. What does scripture say about shame? I tell my story in a way that breaks the secrecy around sexual assault and begins the conversation about healing. This includes significant interaction with scripture.

Uncluttering & the Spiritual Life

We may be spiritual beings, but we live in a physical world. What are we supposed to do with our stuff? We begin with Jesus’ words about treasure, then move to the places we stash ours. How is our treasure the same or different from our legacy, and what is it we want to leave behind? This topic includes practical tips, an action plan and homework.

Me, a Pilgrim?

We may be drawn to the idea of going on pilgrimage, but have many reasons not to go. Explore how the ancient practice of pilgrimage applies to our post-modern age, especially if we don’t intend to actually leave home. After exploring this topic, you may be delighted to find yourself ?on the move? following the Spirit in unexpected ways.

Take an Armchair Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Would you like to visit the Land of the Holy One without leaving home? Choose Bethlehem, Galilee, or Jerusalem. In each location, see visuals, hear stories and explore the themes of pilgrimage: 1) Open our eyes; 2) Be cheek to cheek with the divine; 3) Encounter the religious stranger.

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