What Have You Uncluttered in 2015?

It can be helpful/inspiring/hilarious to hear what other people are uncluttering. So far in 2015 my list has been quite tame, but here it is . . . .

~ a coffeemaker broke — was dispatched to my husband’s Middle School “Take It Apart Club” — the intact coffeepot was donated and a new Mr. Coffee was purchased

~ a toaster that broke — went to the “Take It Apart Club” — ?and a new one was purchased ?– right! 2 appliances in 1 week! weird, right?

~ 3 books on peacemaking that I read and won’t reread — donated

~ a pair of expensive shoes that my husband can’t use after foot surgery but which still have wear enough to be useful — donated

~ a votive holder that I didn’t particularly enjoy using — donated

~ the Christmas lights that didn’t work — trashed

~ some plastic containers from the cupboard — recycled

~ from my files — a folder labeled “Hymns” and another labeled “Pictures of Jesus” — neither of which have I touched in 4 years — into recycling (this is serious uncluttering, friends, pictures of Jesus!)

~ some dingy Tshirts from husband’s drawer deemed to be rags and used for cleaning

~ pantry items sorted — made waffles — some frozen broccoli is being turned into soup today — and a can of soup with an expiration of 2009 was unearthed and tossed

Now it’s your turn! What have you uncluttered? What area would you like to tackle?


2 responses to “What Have You Uncluttered in 2015?”

  1. Barb Kenley Avatar
    Barb Kenley

    I so, SO admire a pastor who can part with “pictures of Jesus.” I might not be there yet, but I have sorted through my 72 linear feet of books, which sit on five bookcases. Two bookcases have gone into storage with a LOT of the books I hope to see again one day when we buy a house. I donated boxes of books I will not read again. I always feel better physically after some purging and reorganizing like this, but I have to push myself to do it. Life does seem to be about letting go?.

    1. Maybe I should add that there were not GOOD pictures of Jesus! Those are hard to find. About books — that can be a tough category. Thank goodness for e-readers, right? They take up less linear feet. Although I still love physical books.

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