What Made Me Happy Today at Church

  1. Driving up, the church property looked great after yesterday’s Super Saturday, which accomplished major hedge trimming, gardening, and floor cleaning. The property looks like somebody loves it!
  2. Two families who are on vacation each left an older teen at home. ?Those kids came to church today. ?On their own.
  3. A child saw me carry the Roomba into the sanctuary, and “couldn’t wait” for Time with Children. ?The Roomba was a great prop to talk about the spiritual life. ?(“Purpose Driven Roomba”)
  4. While we sang “God You Spin the Whirling Planets” the Roomba whirled through the pews, amongst people’s feet.
  5. Two young teenagers helped lead worship today: one read scripture, the other did the Prayers of the People (meaning that she wrote the prayer herself). ?Even better: this was not some special scheduling effort. The kids are just in the rotation, and that’s how it fell today.
  6. At fellowship hour we had hotdogs that were leftover from yesterday’s Super Saturday. Delicious.
  7. While I ate my hotdog I watched three very young children play with a ping pong table. ?They were so so happy to be at church together, even after spending the day together yesterday.
  8. At the “Dream Team” meeting after church, the team members were excited about moving to two services. ?I was tempted to rein them in. But stopped myself.


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