Writers on Writing: Anne Lamott, Maya Angelou, Walter Wangerin

festival-of-faith-and-writing-logo-2014Next month I’ll be attending the Festival of Faith & Writing at my alma mater in Grand Rapids, MI.

I love this every-other-year feast. In preparation I’m?revisiting my notes from past FFWs, and thought I’d share.

These are from FFW 2000. . . .?


“Writing is almost never going to go well. All first drafts are bad. The secret of life is doing things badly.”

“Writing is radical inefficiency. Writing is about paper. Waste paper and time. You need to waste a lot more time.?

?Publication is me at my most mentally ill.?


?The world needs to know how faith feels, how it sounds in your mouth.?


“At the bottom of everything is a story.?The process of writing is an organic whole, from unconscious observation to getting an idea to writing to revising. Participate before you separate and write.”


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