Writers on Writing: David Duncan, James McBride, Anne Lamott, Chaim Potok

Every writer loves tidbits about writing, so here are quotes from my notes from writers I heard at Festival of Faith and Writing 2000.


“The collision of faith & writing is a job description.”

?Loving God?s world is like loving peanut M&M?s. Loving God is like loving the factory.?

?God is truth, telling your truth inevitably leads you to God.?


Love is a verb. What have you done today to make your community better?

It?s all right to fail. Be good at it. Make mistakes.

ANNE LAMOTT?more here

There are 5 rules of being an American:

  1. Don?t have anything wrong/different about you.
  2. If you have #1, correct it.
  3. If you can?t correct it, pretend that you did.
  4. If you can?t pretend, don?t show up.
  5. There are no other rules.

Jesus doesn?t say, ?live in my heart.? He says ?Be my heart. Details to follow.?

The writer has to make it that the reader can find herself in any character.

?We?re not starving for what we don?t have, we?re starving for what we won?t give.?

“The world is afraid of grief. It looks at it?s watch. But we don?t get through life without losing people we can?t possibly live without.?

“Make messes, fail, beautiful things come from mess. Try to do less well — ironically you?ll do better.”

?Choose wonder over achievement.?


Our lives change by chance. The chance is from God — or not! He doesn?t care which you decide.

?In the particular is the universal.? ~ James Joyce


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